The top cause of outages is changing code.

The last week of my oncall shift has been pretty quite. The holiday season has elevated traffic around 50% higher than normal, but I haven’t really noticed. There haven’t been any service outages and it almost feels like I’m not really oncall. Why has it been so quite? We haven’t deployed any code for two weeks. Not deploying code means we aren’t deploying any bugs to production. 

After a deployment you will probably notice any defects over the next couple days. Once you have fixed those it is smooth sailing for that version. 

Continuous Deployment makes it easy to deploy bugs 10x a day. Agile gives you a justification to deploy 10x a day. Ask yourself, what are you deploying each day? A CSS change to a button? A new option in a drop-down. A re-write of the graphing functionality because no one can understand the current implementation? A new feature like Google Docs integration?

If you could only deploy 1 feature each week what would make the cut?