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The Sledgeworx Getting into Software Handbook is a brief guide on how to start a programming career without a Computer Science Degree.

  • The 3 core skills a programmer needs
  • How to evaluate your programming talent
  • The types of employers hiring software engineers
  • Build your resume
  • How the interview process works
  • Succeeding as a software engineer


	About this Handbook
	Who am I
Why Software Development Could be a good career for you

How I got into Software Development

Is Software Development a Good fit for you?
	The 3 core skills
	Evaluating your talent 
What do you need to learn to provide value to a company
Software Industry Sectors overview 

The Software Development Interview Process
	How to prepare for your first job or internship
	Applying to Jobs
	Interview Preparation 

	How I got my internships 
	Components of software development interviews

	How long it takes to find a job

Staying in Software 
	How to succeed in your first job
	Career Progression as a Software Engineer
	Getting Promoted 
	Switching jobs
	Unexpected Pain points