Links Post | Year End 

Quite good science fiction novella.

Standford Hates fun

I noticed something similar to the no-fun policy at Standford. But I can’t say if it was because of bureaucracy or simply the schools I went to. My freshman year I went to Saint John’s College in Santa Fe studying liberal arts. The school was small with around 400 students. We had all the classic college stuff. Plenty of underage drinking, fun traditions like making the freshman class carry a keg around the campus in an imitation of the ark of the covenant. There was a lot of underage drinking and partying, everyone knew everyone else and we had lots of club activities. It was basically a fraternity experience except for everyone. 

Then I transferred to Colorado School of Mines to study engineering and things were quite different. Mines had around 4000 students in total and the dynamic was quite different. I was quite alienated from the class compared to how things were my freshman year and lived alone off campus. I made a few friends during my 3.5 years at Mines but in general it was a much less social experience. 

Saint John’s being a small private school probably reduces the amount of bureaucracy they can afford substantially. 

Best purchase of the year 

Stressless Admiral chair

I bought a Stressless Admiral chair last year after visiting family and occupying one of their recliners for the week. Having this type of chair provides a great middle ground between the couch and my desk chair. The stressless is very comfortable and has lots of reclining options. I barely use my couch now that I have it. While some may consider it expensive, it is a lot less than a Herman Miller Eames chair. Considering how much time I spend in this chair it paid off!

What to expect for the next year in Sledgeworx? 

This year I spent mostly recovering from business ventures I attempted in 2021. I’ve managed to claw my way back into the black. But still lost a good amount of ground. Next year I’m planning to do more writing and traveling. I’m going to do at least one more sledgeconf and may launch a new info product.