A clear sign you are overdoing micro services 

Fine grained services

Microservices have been the thing for over 15 years. They are great in large companies with CI/CD environments. But as your situation drifts farther away from the ideal microservice use case traps abound. 

Building a new service for one endpoint 

If you find yourself having a conversation where you need to create a new endpoint somewhere, but adding it to any of your existing services would break the concept of that microservice. Turning it instantly into a ball of mud with no clear purpose. You have fallen into this trap. microservice does not mean each service has only one HTTP endpoint. That use case is better served with Cloud functions like AWS lambda. 

The problem here is that we have gone too far in splitting up the monolith. Splitting a monolith with 100 HTTP endpoints into a dozen or so services with eight endpoints each is great. Splitting up a monolith with 100 endpoints into 100 services is counter productive. Instead of having an actual purpose the single endpoint microservice becomes the xyz endpoint microservice. 

Endpoints are things that microservices empower. An endpoint in of itself should never justify the creation of a microservice.