Software updates are a liability for customers

Software Updates are a liability for customers. Imagine a business, say a restaurant, which uses some POS (point of sale) software to run its business. Every time the software is updated the business’s employees have to relearn some of the software. That costs money. They would rather buy software that never needs to be updated.

You might say “Well, what if there are security vulnerabilities”. Fixing those vulnerabilities still costs money. Customers will have to update their software which costs money even if there is no functional change. Its essentially saying, “Hey, Customers, we shipped you a defective product, please spend money to get the update which fixes this vulnerability”. 

Many companies have moved to SAAS (software as a service) which solves the problem of getting customers to install updates by forcing them to. Now, instead of customers constantly digging in their heels and refusing to update anything, we can ship them updates constantly. 

Customers hate software updates. They are slow, buttons move around, and people lose the fluid mastery that they painstakingly learned. Software should empower customers, every time you ship an update that breaks fluid mastery, customers are kicked off of Olympus.