Remote Work Revisited

About a week ago on a particularly cold morning with fresh snow and ice on the streets, I decided to try working from home again. While I don’t hesitate to bike or walk to work in 20 or 30 degree weather, 3 degrees is too cold.

After making the decision I opened slack and typed “WFH” into our office channel. Then about 30min later, after getting coffee, I hopped back online to address my first intern request for clarity. I played some music and connected my external monitor to my laptop while debugging some docker networking issues. For some reason, nearly all of my issues with docker involve the network.

For lunch I walked over to Safeway and picked up some sandwich materials. Then I took a quick nap. At work despite having an hour for lunch, I don’t have any where to nap even if I have time.

Then it was back to debugging docker and answering questions from the team. Overall, this working from home experience was much better than last time when I stayed at home due to the cold. This time was more peaceful and I did not miss the office.