Getting into Software Part 1: Why would you want to get into Software Programming?

In an age where Software is gradually taking over everything starting from your computer and spreading to your fridge or your car it might seem late to get into software, but it is not. Companies are going to need more and more software developers and engineers to write the code needed to run everything. What are some good reasons to work in software?


An excellent reason to get into software is because of the hours. The expected hours vary greatly between software companies. You could work for a small boutique firm that is constantly pushing 80 hour weeks or for a megacorp where you work for 10 of the 40 hours you are in the office each week. It really depends on what you want and how good you are at interviewing. You might find that mid-sized companies are a good fit for you or that you prefer aggressively growing startups. The important things to consider are how many hours are you working and what are you trading in return for those hours. For example you might be working double the hours for double the salary, thats great if you are prioritizing money, but your hourly pay might be same as someone making half your salary.

Working Conditions

The working conditions in software engineering are usually good. We work indoors at desks and the heaviest thing you are likely to lift is a 3 lb macbook. In my workplace every desk is a standing desk and I try to take advantage of standing a little each day. Constantly leaning forward is the biggest issue I face with occasional hand issues taking second place.

Programming can be enjoyable

Some people enjoy programming, it can be a cerebral experience. There is little chance to it, just man against machine in a cathedral to the inner working of men’s minds.

Good compensation

Salaries in the Software engineering field may fall into a binomial distribution, but the lower end is still high compared to other fields that require a bachelor’s degree or less.

What are your top reasons to get into Software Engineering?