Bookshelf Post

I have gotten back into reading Software Engineering books. It has been a good change of pace to study a bit in the mornings. My current focus is on Estimation. I want to come up with a better more accurate way for us to estimate software projects in agile environments. 

These two books are great references. Designing Data-Intensive Applications is a good read and believe it or not my workplace still uses Java 8 so Java Performance is not out of date.

I got these two management books back when I was a manager for a few months. But I haven’t dug into them yet. 

Agile Software Development was a textbook back in University. It is a funny book since it has about as much space devoted to Agile as it does to Object Oriented programming. The Mythical Man-Month is fun because of all the references to technology in the old days before the modern web. 

Building Products for the Enterprise is a product book, but I really like how it really explains what those Product Owners are up to all day.