Software as a Service benefits both companies and consumers

I was surfing reddit this week and I saw a great comment from u/Swordbow. 

“Thus as the obligation stretches across time, the cash flow must stretch across time.” 

–Quote from u/Swordbow on reddit

Computer software isn’t like classical machinery in that bugs and vulnerabilities can be discovered after release that destroy the security of the application. A year after release you might have to perform an urgent patch to protect your customers from hacking. If your company goes bankrupt during that year, customers are in a very bad situation. Software needs to be maintained and unlike typical machinery it has to be maintained by the creators not the end users. 

Selling new releases of software is hard. Programs can be copied at zero marginal cost and don’t really wear out. Getting customers to buy a new version every year is a lot harder than getting customers to pay a monthly subscription. With Software as a Service instead of getting paid when you sell a new version of your software, you get paid as long as customers use your software. And you don’t have to worry about dealing with upgrades. 

Companies can reduce consumer surplus by switching to a SAAS model that requires customers to pay as long as they use the software. With SAAS all customers pay for every update.