Seviipay – cryptocurrency payments for everyone

I’m working on a new project. Seviipay is a software as a service project through which I hope to make blockchain integration easy for everyone. It is in free alpha launch right now and you can check it out at

Why blockchain integration? And why now?

I first got involved with Ethereum back in 2015 before the network went live. It was a fun toy then and I spent some time getting the test version running on my gaming desktop in college. Then I got bored of it and stopped paying attention until the 2017/18 bubble. The story would have ended there except one of my friends did a NFT project this spring and I decided to buy one of them to support him. That led me to seeing the UI at, and other web3 applications. Let me tell you the user experience has come a long way in the last six years.

Web3 applications have serious advantages over the traditional web. Digital identity is a billion dollar business in the traditional web, for web3 everyone has access to identity built in. There are no accounts and no signups in web3. Your ethereum wallet is your account on every web3 site. You don’t need to remember passwords for hundreds of websites, you just use your wallet to verify your identity and you are done. 

Payments in web3 are comparable in ease of use to ApplePay, possibly superior. Your browser wallet has the ability to authorize payments instantly. No need to enter your address and worry that you typed the wrong data in. Additionally, you never need to worry about your credit card number being stolen after you place an order at a random website. Making a payment via the Ethereum network does not leak secret payment information. 

I’m super excited about the potential of web3 to improve identity and payments on the internet. The idea behind Seviipay is to make top level web3 UX easy to access while also providing ways to link actions on the blockchain to the rest of the world. 

You can use Seviipay to setup a payment button on your website. Then get an email when anyone places an order. I’m working on a Zapier integration so that you can get a slack message or automatically add someone to a teachable course when they make a purchase.