Matias Ergo Pro review + affiliate link

I had a Matias Ergo Pro mac version for about 3 years, purchased in May 2016. It lasted until the end of 2019 when the USB C port that connects the keyboard to the computer died. I bought the keyboard after I started getting pains in my fingers during a gaming phase. Using this keyboard with a vertical mouse eliminated my hand pain. 

The Ergo Pro is pretty solidly built, the wrist pads are comfortable. I replaced the wrist pads after about 2 years when they started to come apart. The two halves of the keyboard can be positioned to match your natural hand tilt which is very nice. 

The most annoying issue I have had with this keyboard is that it collects dust and crumbs over time, (years), and that can have an effect on the keys. Your keys will start acting up in weird ways. The first option is to flip over the keyboard and shake it out, then if that doesn’t do it. Take the keys off and really clean it. I don’t remember if it came with a key removing tool, but  its pretty easy to get the keys out, harder to get them back in. 

Disassembling the case is straightforward, it has two sizes of screws and my ikea set was able to do all of them. 

I’m pretty annoyed that my keyboard broke I would have kept using it. 

I strongly recommend the Ergo Pro for mac users with a desktop style setup. I used mine with a laptop and external monitor. The best features of the keyboard are its ergonomics and its custom mac keys. I’m using a more standard windows style keyboard now and I miss having my command, fn and option keys positioned so conveniently.