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Monorepositories are an interesting topic. The more I use similar systems the more I think monorepos are the way to go.

The Product Model vs Project Model

Nick McHardy writes about how his organization moved from doing ‘projects’ to organizing around ‘products’. Especially interesting for me since I just moved from a project organization to a product organization.

Sensible Software Engineering

How do we get out of the local optimum of software development theory we are in now? We can be somewhat confident that there is a better programming paradigm out there than the modern Java ecosystem. Technically, there is an ideal development paradigm, even if finding it is near impossible. It takes us around 20 years as an industry to explore one paradigm. We don’t know what we can do to find a better paradigm within the constraint of how much it costs to really explore even one.

This reminds me of the multi-armed bandit problem. You want to find the optimal slot machine to play. But you still have to create things as an industry every year.