Continuous Delivery of Bugs

Agile Rapid Delivery means you deliver bugs to your customers everyday. 

Every once in a while I read an article about how software has become horrible over the last decade. Software has gotten slower, it uses too much memory, it has too many confusing features, why are developers producing worse software? 

Part of this is coincidence. We remember software being fast, but that was during a time when CPU speeds doubled every year. By the time you had used a program for a year, there was a processor out that could do it in half the time. Now Moore’s law ambles around at low double digit performance improvements. 

Another issue is feature complexity. “The old software just worked, why did they have to change it?” With the move to Software as a Service we can constantly add new features. 

Frequency matters if you deliver buggy code to your customers once a year on CD-ROMs. They are going to complain about buggy code once a year. If you deliver buggy code to your customers everyday, they will probably give up and accept their fate.