RSS still works and is pretty awesome

Despite it being the age of social media, I get a lot of my content via RSS. I have the mac Reeder app which lets me subscribe to blogs. It is nice because without RSS I will see a blogger on Hacker News or reddit, enjoy their post and then their next post won’t be on the front page so I won’t see it. RSS fixes that because I can read their post and if I enjoy it, subscribe to their RSS feed. 

Most blogging software supports RSS natively. WordPress comes with RSS by default and so does Ghost. I find it pretty easy to use and really enjoy how it lets me control my ‘feed’ without influence from any algorithms or anything. 

Why not just subscribe to the email list? Well, I’ve found that I use my email inbox for different things than my RSS feed. When I’m going through emails, reading a long form email breaks my flow. Whereas when I’m going through my RSS feed I’m planning on reading longer form content.